Fall 2016

Resourcesand InsightsInto EmergingAdults

Ways to fuel discovery and discipleship


Christian leaders who speak to millennial issues and offer valuable resources:

Millennials, Boomers, and Leadership: Why can’t we all just get along?” by Katherine Jeffery, April 20, 2016, ReachStudents blog

Shaping or Being Shaped?” by Jana Sundene, May 28, 2014, Trinity International University Newsroom

TED Talk, “Why 30 Is Not the New 20,” by Meg Jay

Blessed Are the Agnostics: How I learned to see my unbelieving husband through God’s eyes,” by Stina Kielsmeier-Cook, Her-meneutics Blog

We Are Hopelessly Hooked,” by Jacob Weisberg, Feb. 25, 2016, The New York Review of Books

What Millennials Want When They Visit Church,” published by Barna Group

Sapientia—digital periodical of the Carl F.H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


20 and Something (FRAMES series), by Barna Group or order the full FRAMES series

Adoptive Youth Ministry: Integrating emerging generations into the family of faith, by Chap Clark

Arrested Adulthood: The changing nature of maturity and identity, James Cote

Artificial Maturity: Helping kids meet the challenge of becoming authentic adults, by Tim Elmore

Church Refugees: Sociologists reveal why people are DONE with church but not their faith, by Josh Packard, Ashleigh Hope

Emerging Adulthood: The winding road from the late teens through the twenties, by Jeffrey Jensen Arnett

Generation Ex-Christian: Why young adults are leaving the faith … and how to bring them back, by Drew Dyck

Generation iY: Our last chance to save their future, by Tim Elmore

Hurt 2.0: Inside the world of today’s teenagers, by Chap Clark

Making Space for Millennials, published by Barna Group

Reclaiming Conversation: The power of talk in a digital age, by Sherry Turkle

Shaping the Journey of Emerging Adults: Life-giving rhythms for spiritual transformation, by Richard R. Dunn and Jana L. Sundene

Souls in Transition: The religious and spiritual lives of emerging adults, by Christian Smith with Patricia Snell