Spring 2014

Letter from the President

Win-Win for the Gospel, for Children and for the Church

Guest Author, TJ Addington

W When GlobalFingerprints launched seven years ago, the goal was to help with the many orphans in Congo whose parents had died of diseases such as AIDS or of other causes. The concept was to place these children in the homes of Christian families. There, each might receive an education and medical care along with that loving home.

This partnership between the Congo Evangelical Free Church and GlobalFingerprints became the launching pad for both helping children and planting churches. Today there are GlobalFingerprints projects in Congo, Haiti, Zambia, Liberia, India and Indonesia, with more on the drawing board.

Consider what happens, for instance, when children are supported in the slums of India. In this case the children are not orphans. Here, financial support provides them with an education, uniform, nutritious lunches, medical care and the gospel message.

But consider this as well: For every child supported, our partners in India have the ability to develop relationships with 20 relatives and friends of that child, making it possible to do evangelism and church planting while engaging in ministry to kids.

In every way, in every country, it is a win: for the gospel, for children who would otherwise be relegated to a life of poverty, and for the church that is multiplied in the process.

This model is a beautiful way to integrate God’s concern for the poor, marginalized and needy while seeing families come to salvation in Jesus and churches planted. Further, it is a wonderful partnership between the church in the United States and the national partners who actually run the program in their local context and ministry.

In our house, Mary Ann and I have the joy of praying for our two GlobalFingerprints children (a boy and a girl in India) on a daily basis. For a little more than one dollar a day per child, we are having an impact on their lives forever.

As you are encouraged by the stories in this issue of EFCA Today, check out globalfingerprints.org and consider supporting one or more of these precious children yourself. You’ll be ministering not only to them but also to their families, relatives and friends. An eternal investment.

TJ Addington is senior vice president of the EFCA and senior leader of ReachGlobal, the mission of the EFCA.