Spring 2014

From Congo to Kolkata

How GlobalFingerprints creates a global family and supports the local church

IIn our ever-connected world, every day brings news of a new crisis—people we don’t know, fighting to return their lives to normal. Each time we stare at a stranger’s face, we wonder: What if that were me? What if my family were enduring that natural disaster or personal heartache?

But, really, we’re part of the same global family. And our Christian family is also spread out across the globe. When they hurt, we especially feel the pain. And when they rejoice, we also celebrate.

Thus, our incredible shared joy over the photos in this issue—snapshots of children in countries like Congo, Haiti and India who have been enfolded by the Church and are now part of a bigger family, a family big enough to address their needs and even fulfill some of their wants.

This is GlobalFingerprints: the EFCA child-sponsorship ministry that’s also a church-growth reality around the world. Through GlobalFingerprints and the hands-on care of local congregations, children are fed, educated, cared for medically and nurtured spiritually. They see first-hand what it means to be part of the body of Christ.

In these articles, you’ll read about individuals and congregations in the United States that are linking arms with congregations in six different countries (and counting!) to serve children and families in need and build the local church.