Winter 2015

What Makes a City Missionary?

Essential traits for effective ministry

Does God seem to be calling you or someone you know into ministry in the city? Consider these crucial traits as part of evaluating God’s call:

Gospel fluency

Ability and desire to share the gospel with others and apply it to all circumstances.

Ministry facility

Experience and ability in role-specific ministry work (church planter, local pastor, ministry leader).

Secular understanding

Appreciation of secular and non-Christian world views and an ability to engage with them around the gospel.

Community understanding

Sincere desire to learn about and fall in love with the people of a given city.

Racial awareness

Sensitivity to differences and tensions associated with race and a willingness to pursue the heavenly, all-nations vision.

Socio-economic awareness

A biblically informed heart for the poor and marginalized, and insight in how to minister to them.

Holistic understanding

Ability to connect the gospel to multiple facets of urban life: art, politics, education, science, etc.

Cross-cultural facility

Ability to handle the aggravation, isolation and challenge of urban life.

Financial resilience

Willingness to find alternate salary sources, including support-raising, so as to overcome the high costs and often slow impact of city ministry.

Family care

Ability to help family navigate the complex environment of the city while keeping faith intact.