Spring 2017

Church Health Ministry Checklist

Take inventory as a church leader, to better address health needs in your congregation

  • What are my top five strengths? What are the most effective skills I bring into a health crisis situation?
  • What are my top five weaknesses? Where do I feel the most uncomfortable/unskilled in dealing with a health crisis?
  • What do I envision as my role in health ministry?
  • What are my personal convictions/beliefs regarding healing, end-of-life, abortion, use of medications, suffering? (To explore these and other issues, sign up for regular emails from The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity at Trinity International University.)
  • Have I attended to my own, and my family’s, healthcare business (ie, advanced healthcare directive, durable power of attorney, will)? Have I had end-of-life discussions with my family?
  • Whom might I contact in the church and community about forming a health ministry team? (See below.)
  • What is my personal goal(s) for this next year, for learning to minister to someone in a health crisis?

External/Internal Resources

Develop a master list for your church and share with all who are involved in health ministry in any form.

Download checklist (PDF)